About Decadance

break the mold

“To do something differently, after it has been done in the same way for a long time.”

The early daze.

In 2003, the North Bay electronic dance music scene was sparsely scattered with random club events and occasional parties. The Santa Rosa club scene was awash with attitude-fueled top 40 clubs that simply ignored those who simply wanted dance the night away to a good beat. For many years, only the (now legendary) events  Elevate and Optimystic served the hungry fans of good dance music. In general, the local motto was “if you want good dance music, drive to SF.” That was… until Decadance.

Decadance first started in the freshly remodeled club room of Michele’s restaurant in Santa Rosa. At first it seemed like a strange place to put an electronic dance music night club, but it quickly became home to many of us. Every first and third Friday’s we rocked the club with the best local and imported DJ’s and musicians we could find. In time, Decadance became the staple diet event for the area. The success of Decadance inspired many other North Bay events and clubs such as Juke Joint, Double D and Family Room. We danced at Michele’s for 3 years in a row and many friendships, loves and family connections were created there. Good times for sure.

Off the beaten path.

Decadance flyers & media from the early days.

After we left Michele’s, we hosted a number of Halloween parties at Latitude in Rohnert Park as well as co-hosted events at HopMonk. At one point we tried moving to Club Seven in Santa Rosa (bad idea) and after one event, we decided it wasn’t the place for us. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for the perfect new venue for our beloved event. We’ve had offers to re-open Decadance at virtually every new nightclub that’s opened in Santa Rosa, yet none of them have seemed to fit our vibe. We have the highest respect for all the local venue owners, DJ’s and party promoters and wish them the highest success in their endeavors. It is through their continued efforts that Santa Rosa and Sebastopol are becoming known for it’s thriving music scene. However, as the downtown Santa Rosa bar & club “crawl” continues to grow and prosper, we have chosen to remain true to our original vision and keep off the beaten path. We’ve intentionally chosen to be a few steps away from the wandering wildness that accompanies the close vicinity of the downtown area.

The Flamingo Resort Hotel shows…

In 2011/12 we did a 6-month production run at The Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. The venue is beautiful and we had some seriously romping events there. After a good run of shows there, we decided that this venue is best for larger one-off shows than a regular rotating twice-a-month calendar. We look forward to coming back and rocking the house in their 300 person club room or even their 800 person ballroom… or both!

What makes Decadance different?

Since the beginning, we’ve used the term “break the mold” to describe our vibe. We strive to step outside of the “usual” nighclub experience by focusing first-and-foremost on the vibe. Specifically, we focus on creating a comfortable place where attendees can dance and be their true selves. Decadance is a attitude-free event without drama or ego. Yes, some folks may come to drink and flirt in the inevitably sexy environment, but the main reason most people attend our club is to dance! Which brings us to the next thing that make us unique: With top-notch production, beautiful decor, rich sound and leading DJ’s & music producers, you simply cannot help but dance the night away at Decadance. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have a pretty good idea as to what artists are trailblazing in the world of electronic dance music. It is our honor to bring them to you.

Just look through the smiling faces in our PHOTO GALLERY and you’ll see what makes us different.

Who produces Decadance?

Decadance was founded by Zack Darling & Damian Peters. From 2003-2006 they were the main creative visionaries behind the club event. In 2011, we’ve added long-time friend and local event production hero, Patrick Malone (A.K.A. Malarkey) to the team. With this trio of powerhouse promoters, DJ’s and producers, we aim to offer an unstoppable series of fantastic events.

Zack Darling

MashStep.com | Zack Darling Creative Associates | Techno-Tribal | Facebook

Zack Darling began his career as an independent event producer in the North Bay and San Francisco, where he cut his teeth in the dynamic underground and later professional rave scenes. In 1999, Zack co-founded the Mystic Beat Lounge, a new kind of production company that merged live concerts, DJ sets and performance theater (alá Cirque du Soleil), with 21st century visual effects, to create large-scale maximum multi sensory concert experiences. In this time, Zack also produced many successful music events in clubs and other smaller venues through his nightclub, Decadance. Today, the Mystic Beat Lounge is best known for the Techno-Tribal Dance, a cutting edge production that has become an integral part of the Harmony Festival, the largest music festival in the North SF Bay Area. Over twelve years, Techno-Tribal has developed into an annual, 7,000 plus, over-the-top production characterized by cutting edge sound and visual technology with live, DJ and traditional music, fire theater, acrobatic and aerial performances, inflatables, and an interactive live-art zones.
Zack is also the night time production manager and board member of the Harmony Festival, and oversees all of the festival’s after dark productions. Zack works with other producers as an event designer and consultant such as Earthdance Festival, Sea of Dreams, Burning Man, Reggae Rising Music Festival and many others. He recently retired from his position with Burning Man festival of 7 years as the North Bay Burning Man Regional Contact.
From the 500 person night clubs to the 40K+ Burning Man Festival, Zack’s production experience has provided him with a broad understanding 21st century festival and concert production.

Damian Peters

Greenfield Graphics | Techno-Tribal | Facebook

Damian’s contagious vibe of positivity and optimism has made him one of the most effective event producers in the North Bay. Personally, professionally and musically, his warm style of interaction with everyone he encounters has built him a dedicated and loyal family of endearing fans. With a 15+ year history of successful event production, many have simply come to understand that if Damian’s got something to do with an event, it’s one not to be missed.

From designing to producing to DJ’ing, the event world is one that Damian has come know as home. Damian got started in the event production & DJ world as a producer doing underground events in San Francisco. From there he has DJ’d and produced everything from small night club events to huge multi thousand person shows and festivals. Along with cohort, Zack Darling, Damian is co-founder of Mystic Beat Lounge, Greenfield Graphics, Decadance and Lightseed. Through these four companies and many other events over the past 15 years, Damian has had the opportunity to DJ at hundreds of parties and bring life to thousands of dancing feet. Other DJ experience, co-productons  and event involvement include: Burning Man, Harmony Festival, Reggae on the RIver, Reggae Rising, Earthdance, Coachella, Oregon Country Fair, Hog Farm, 1015 Folsome, 7 Ultra-lounge, Hop Monk Tavern, Optimystic, Juke Joint, Double D Productions and many more. His music is always changing so trying to come up with a specific genera is difficult, however you can always rest assure that if he is on the decks there is sure to be a good time.

Patrick Malone / Malarkey

Juke Joint | HopMonk | Facebook

Patrick Malone is one of the pioneers of the North Bay music scene. Also known as Malarkey, he founded Optimystic Music – a DJ/Production collective that burst into the Santa Rosa / Sebastopol house music scene with their legendary Bamboo Lounge events. Later, Patrick launched Juke Joint at the Sebastopol Brewing Company. When brewmaster and entrepreneur, Dean Biersch bought the building and created the music venue HopMonk Tavern, Patrick was brought on as talent buyer, venue co-designer and production manager. Through his work at HopMonk, Patrick has become known as a leader in the North Bay music scene and a favorite DJ to many fans.

Malarkey is an old Irish slang word used in the 1920′s as an expression equivalent to jive, gibberish, or nonsense. All guff aside; Patrick Malone (aka DJ Malarkey) is one of the hardest working DJ’s to recently emerge out of Sonoma County (North Bay) area. Upon his return to Sebastopol in 2004, having graduated from recording arts school in Los Angles, he quickly jumped back into the club circuit as a full time DJ, engineer & event producer. It didn’t take long for his funky broken-beat sound to kick up dust among event crowds, catering to both lounge and dance floors alike. His Juke Joint parties have helped pioneer the alternative dj sounds of “nu-funk”, making a huge impact on the dance music scene in the small town of Sebastopol and on the west coast for the past 2 years.

Malarkey has the keen ability to ascend fluidly from an early hour lounge funk, to peak time break beat shakers making him incredibly dynamic on the stage. Knowing when and where to go with the music, his sets are always evolving as a multi-genre melting pot of heavy broken funk, sexy latin shakers, boogie hip hop & banging breaks at all tempos.